Saturday, February 6, 2010

One year update

I am sorry I have neglected to update for so long! I am very pleased to report that Lyriel is now a healthy, happy, and fully normal one year old!

God has healed our baby girl, there is no other explanation for her miraculous healing! It is as if one day she just "woke up" and she looked into our faces and smiled! She turned her head to look for the sounds she heard! She is no longer afraid of bathtime and water :0)

At one year old she is saying several words...
She points out the window and says BIRD
She touches bumps in the paint on the wall and says BUMP (Braeden taught her this word LOL)
She yells BOOK! very loudly every time we go into a room with bookshelves.
She LOVES being read to, and points out several things in picture books.
Her favorite thing to point out is caterpillars, its so CUTE!

For her first birthday she was going to have a Hungry Caterpillar themed party. Because of the all the snowfall and bad weather though we have not yet had the party. She picked out a caterpillar toy at the store, each leg has a letter of the alphabet on it, and it plays music or says the letter name or sound, and sings the ABC song. She just rocks back and forth when the music plays, and stops when the music does. SO CUTE!!!

She scoots like a caterpillar too, not really crawling, not really army crawling. Its hard to describe but I do have it on video to show her later on. Today she actually got up on her knees to crawl! It wont be long before she stands right up and walks. It will be a bittersweet day for me!

She is 18 and 1/2 pounds now, still wearing a size 0-6 month robeez shoe, a medium in cloth diapers, and mostly 12 month size clothes. She is petite and girly like her sisters. Her hair is longer at one year than all the rest of the kids' hair was at that age.

Praise God for all of my beautiful blessed children, and for the opportunity to keep them at home and school them myself. Praise God for my work at home business, so I am able to provide for our family right now, yet I am able to be right here when they need me for anything. The Lord has great plans for these little ones, I am amazed each day by all they say and do, and how quickly and thoroughly they learn from the word of God. I am learning just as much as they are!


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  1. What was wrong with your daughter? She's precious, by the way!!!